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My hobby Dear firends,I'm very happy introduce my hobby to you.My favourite hobby is drawing.I traning drawing picture everyday.I like drawing girls and flowers best. Throughing my hardwarking,I take part some match and have good grade.I used thinking drawing picture very hard,but hobby is the best teacher.Now I think I have a great progress. I think I will enjoy drawing forever! 翻译:亲爱的朋友,我很高兴为你介绍我的爱好。

我最大的爱好是画画,我每天都坚持练习,最喜欢画女孩和花。 通过我的努力,我参加了一些比赛并取得了好成绩。


我会一直爱好绘画! 2. The MoonMountain MoonMountain located on the east of city.There are many trees and birds.And fresh air so that you have a good feeling. MoonMountain is not far from the downtown.You can find many beautiful birds on there,so here is the best place to see birds. Welcome to beautiful MoonMountain,I think you will fill in love whit there. 翻译:月亮山座落于城市东部,这里有许多树和鸟,还有让你感觉非常舒服的新鲜空气。 月亮山距离城市中心不远。

在这你可以发现许多美丽的鸟,所以这里是观鸟的好地方。 欢迎来美丽的月亮山,我觉得你会爱上这里。

内容大致符合初二同学学习水平,希望对你有帮助! 还有,英语作文分段很重要,加油。

初二的英语作文!! 翻译

Two years ago,I was in a primary school,and now I am studying in the middle school.I am taller,cleverer and become more interested in English and Mathematics.I am always working hard and making good results in the exam.I am welcomed due to my getting along well with others.Moreover,I am more outgoing and I can tell humorous stories.At one word,I am now a much better student .纯手工,希望你喜欢。


10年后的我可能是一个美食家.在酒店里我要对每一道菜做出评论,让来酒店的客人吃到最丰盛的美食.并且让世界各地的酒店老板都来请我去吃饭. 10年后的我可能是一个建设家.我要飞到太空去,在那里建一个太空酒店,让所有的地球人都到宇宙中去吃饭,休息. 10年后的我可能是一个画家.我要把美好的记忆画下来,让每一分每一秒都留在我的脑海里,让后来人都知道我们现在的情况. 10年后的我可能是一个科学家.我要把这所有的难题都解开,让人们生活的无忧无虑,愿我们的世界没有灾荒,没有痛苦,一切美好. 可是我现在只是一个小学生,那么我只能让这个美好的愿望变成动力,激励自己好好学习,学好多好多本领. 英文翻译 10 years later I may be a gourmet. In the hotel, I would like to comment on each dish, to allow hotel guests to eat the most abundant food. And let the rest of the world to the hotel owners have asked me to dinner. 10 years later I may be building a home. I want to fly to space, where building a space hotel, to allow all people to the Earth in the universe to eat and rest. 10 years later I may be a painter. I should be happy memories of drawing down so that every second of each stay in my mind, so that later we will know that the present situation. 10 years later I may be a scientist. I want all these problems are untied, let people live the carefree, we wish the world did not famine, no pain, all the better. But I now only a primary school students, then I can only make this a better desire to become a driving force, encouraging their study well, much better ability to learn a lot.。


Sun.,Feb. 14 Rainy Spring Festival ,known as the Chinese New Year, is the most important holiday in China.From late January to early February,Chinese people are busy preparing for the New Year.They clean their houses ,have their hair cut,and buy new clothes .Jiaozi or dumpling is most popular.To those who live far away from their home,this festival is also a framily reunion occasion. And they often go back home to celebrate the festival with their family.The first day of the new year is the time when people visit their friends adn wish each other good luck in the new year.

二月十四日 星期日 雨 春节,即中国人的新年,是中国最重要的节日。从一月末到二月初人们忙着为新年做准备。他们打扫房屋、理发和买新衣服。饺子是最受欢迎的。对那些远离家乡的人们,春节是一个合家团聚的时刻。他们经常回家和家人欢度春节。新年第一天人们访友并互祝新年好运。


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