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The shallow argument reform open for 30 years


Ever since that time found a nation, have no an ability to be like reform to open so such to the last man change China.If establishment the People's Republic of China mean China people stand up, so reform open real enunciation China people along the bright and big way of socialism walk and ran.Although the reform openned to also bring some problem,it still destine is thick heavy pen in history in China.

Summary history is for the sake of betterly alignment future, same to reform open of summary is also for the sake of betterly further reform open, betterly development China.The following I will with political economy and culture society two generous noodles discussion reform open, and analysis reform open of essence, and outlook future of reform open.

A, the reform open of economic miracle

我的家乡山东 英语作文

My hometown Shangdong provinces, I born in this beautiful coastal provinces, Qingdao the capital city, it is a beautiful,charming city, clean and modernise development city, 2008 Olympic game sailing events also held here, a perfect living places with easy good public transportation, modern airport, High speed train will be ready soon, with the leading famous Qingdao beer also origin from here, and China leading electrical products Heire brand production factory also located here.what a perfect living city. I loved my hometown Qingdao.。


Mount Tai, located in the east of Shandong Province, is a famous place of interest of China.Every year, a large number of tourists from home and abroad go visit there.It takes two hours to get there from downtown by bus, or you may take a train.The best time to climb Mount Tai is autumn.泰山位于山东省东部,是一个著名的地方对中国的兴趣。




I used to live in a small town in Shan Dong Province with trees all around. There was no tall buildings and the only street was narrow. Just outside the town,there was a river. You could see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water at that moment. People here lived a simple life.


Great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings,big department stores and factories everywhere. Different kinds of cars and buses are running in the wide streets. But with the development of the industry,we have fewer trees. Air and water pollution is becoming more and more serious. We must do something to stop pollution and make our town even more beautiful.



The advantage and disadvantage of the advertisement 英文,中文翻译,请见上面。

Advertisement is omnipresent in our modern society. It seems wherever we go, such small ads will greet our eyes: the supermarket, the subways, the stop sighs, the walls of public buildings, the garbage cans, and whatsoever. The ads can be about everything from selling mobile phone, renting houses, treating difficult diseases to producing fake diplomats. (from domestic articles to machinery, from toys to aircrafts.)It's no exaggeration that we live in the world of advertisement. The advantage of the ads is self-evident. They provide us with a good collection of goods and service, from which we can make our best choices. For the manufacturer, they can take advantage of the ads to project the characters of their products so as to seize the vision of the consumers and gain them huge profits.joozone.com However, we cannot belittle the disadvantages of the ads. ①To many ads do spoil our daily life and waste our time. They interrupt the TV programs, filling our letterbox, and ruin our appreciation of nature in place of interests. People often feel burdened with the ads instead of。


Dragon Boat Festival last year. I and my father, mother, sister, brother went to Lin'an by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,my shoes broke. Dad said to me, can't do anything halfway. So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.Since then, I've kept these shoes.The next day, we went to the lake boating, swimming. At night we ride home. On the third day, I get down to serious study, and to record the experiences these days。


1.The cartoon/picture briefs/depicts/shows。

例句:The cartoon briefs the history of commercial fishing in the 20th century.2.In the picture, 。例句:In the picture, an American girl looks so pleased in the richly decorated Chinese national costumes.3.Looking at the picture, 。

例句:Looking at the picture, many people cannot help laughing. 。4。

.。This is what the picture indicates.例句:It is not unusual for Chinese children to get money from their parents, grandparents or relatives during the Spring Festival. 。

This is what the picture indicates.5.The two pictures here illustrate。例句:The two pictures here illustrate how a flower in a greenhouse is destroyed when exposed to a storm.6.In the first picture, 。

. While in the second one, 。例句:In the first picture, a lonely small boat, in spite of the good catch, does not disturb the fishes that are swimming leisurely. While in the second one, the sea is over-crowded with fishing boats, and a lonely fish, desperately trying to escape, finds no place to hide.7.As depicted in the picture/As we can see in the picture/As can been seen from the picture/As is shown by the drawing, 。

例句:As can be seen from the picture, the car breaks stops on the way and cannot move any further.。


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